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Bicep Armor Issues

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Anyone else having an issue with their bicep armor sliding out over the top of their undershirt. After a lot of waving and posing I found I needed to push the plates back up against my biceps. I went back and looked at some of the photos and it looks like they attached black elastic pony tail holders across the openings. Guess my issue isn't that isolated after all. Has anyone done this, if so, how did you attach them? Both ends fixed or one end fixed and the other a snap or Velcro?



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Not got to that stage yet but it's in the crl I think isn't it? "It is held in place by one or two black elastic cord straps".

I hadn't thought how I was going to attatch them so Hopefully someone will reply with what they did ðŸ‘



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Nick you are correct! Duh! I went and looked back at my build notes for "Things To Do" and sure as s417 there it was in my own hand writing. "Attach pony tail holder back side with cable clamp and front with open ended "J" hook LOL



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