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Shadowtrooper Description

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A shadowtrooper was a stormtrooper-Dark Jedi soldier hybrid, created by the Dark Jedi Desann and Imperial Admiral Galak Fyyar on behalf of Lord Hethrir's Empire Reborn. The project behind the shadowtroopers was based at the abandoned Imperial listening outpost on Kejim and Fyyar's flagship Doomgiver.


Desann had experimented with imbuing Empire Youths who had little potential in the Force with dark side powers. Similar to the Reborn soldiers, Desann used the Valley of the Jedi to imbue stormtroopers with Force powers. The shadowtroopers were armed with lightsabers powered by synthetic Sith crystals and wore fitted cortosis armor. An Artusian crystal was embedded in the armor's chest plate to enhance the power granted from the valley. Shadowtrooper armor also had limited optical stealth capabilities, although a translucent blueish silhouette was visible when the trooper moved.



A shadowtrooper battling it out with Kyle KatarnLarge numbers of shadowtroopers were dispatched to Yavin 4 with Desann for the assault on Luke Skywalker's Jedi Praxeum. With the aid of Kyle Katarn all of the shadowtroopers dispatched were either killed or taken into custody.


After the death of Fyyar and destruction of Doomgiver, the project was halted indefinitely.

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