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Smuggling is only a crime if you get caught...

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Since I already had the boots, & not wanting to waste them. And while I plan on making an Imperial Officer down the road, I figure it was time to pay homage to the man of the star wars universe. Han Solo. So I've started on a ANH Han Solo. Not only have I not seen a local Solo's, but also already having a TK allowed me to also apply a secondary costume with post trash compactor Han. :thumbsup:


So here what Ive gotten done so far.


Ive order the clothes from a tailor.And while I was hoping to be done before SDCC but its looking more like It will be done in time for Halloween.













DL-44 Blaster


Die cast non firing replica base





Resin Cast Parts










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Thanks guys :thumbsup:


The belt I found online. Though I ordered the belt with just 3 rows of plain punched holes, it came with a grommet in everyone. So that's were the pile came from. The base gun is a Die cast non firing replica. And for now all the extra parts are are resin cast of original screen accurate parts. In the future im going to replace them with machine metal parts. But its the difference between $40 bucks & like $200, not to mention the supplier was out of stock at the time I was collecting odds & ends.


My next step is to get all the leather, dye, and metal/"blanks" (for the holster rig set up) And construct Holster & rig around my Recently finished blaster. I have the "tools" & accessories that also go into the belts many pockets awaiting final touches. Im still on the fence about the droid caller, but I found a cool one, though not screen accurate, it has a working flashlight & vibrating motor in it. (great to show off at events). I will post more hopefully after an upcoming armor party! :woot:

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I'm going to a blaster workshop this weekend. I'm doing an E-11 kit. Could be the guys house I'm going to. He isn't a member but makes tons of blasters and they're excellent quality. I'll post more after Saturday.

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Update time


I picked up some scrap sheet metal & decided to try my hand at metal working. B)


Belt Buckles just about complete. Next step is to get some leather & tools & try my hand at leather working :thumbsup:







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Alright update time! I stopped working on my current belt & decided to start over. I wasn't happy with how things were going & not to mention I forgot to dye any of the orginal pieces before starting. So I started over with extra material from the over kill I had originally purchased. Since then, I have pretty much completed my belt & holster. And I am currently finishing the tool sets with a final coat of paint a sealer. I have a evolution props droid caller & a Elvis trooper disk en route as this is being written.


First attempt



Starting over











Late night shoot before leather conditioner



And done


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