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Right now weathering isn't a part of our CRL's. That doesn't mean that you can't do it. It just means that as of right now it's not 501st acceptable. We are in talks about it though and it may be acceptable in the near future depending on input from the LMO's.

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I wouldn't go about 'weathering' your suit with loads of fake blaster marks and silver scratches.


But I wouldn't worry about it weathering naturally with marks and scuffs.


If that makes any sense.

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We're talking about two different costumes here...


None of the source material suggest such weathering or the existence of a metallic material for the armour.

It's that source material which you should try to tailor your costume towards.


There are some shots of mild weathering, but it's purely minor blemishes.


Obviously it's all down to your own GML. But remember, less is more.

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