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Has any one built a bazooka?

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I know a few people that may be able to aid me in constructing one of these. With that said, I guess I now have ANOTHER project that I need to get started on (hmmm.. may be fun to have at DC though :thumbsup:

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A few members of the Badlands do full on Halo armour as well and they've got a halo-ish bazooka they built.


here's a picture, not the greatest as it's off facebook but hopefully you'll get the idea.

post-31-064606900 1310144292_thumb.jpg


If you like I can get you guys in contact.


And if you're looking for a cannon weapon then please do your research and find a image or a reference and build towards that if you'd like to use the weapon at 501st events. If you're looking just to build a bazooka for fun and unofficial troops / wandering around at cons then have at 'er.


I believe there is a reference for an approved bazooka in the "X-Wing: Rogue Leader" comic

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I just went and checked and the Bazooka is in X-Wing: Rouge Leader #1 of 3, By: Dark Horse Comics, on page 20.


Hope that helps.

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There's a gentleman who builds a lot of weaponry out of wood ... Woodchuck.


I don't think he's on these boards but he might have some insight for you or even agree to do a custom piece. He does great things!



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I'm not overly keen on putting up copyright material but for the sake of the dscussion, and so others can chime in here's a clipped picture of the page with the Bazooka / Rocket Launcher:


post-31-083271500 1310223588_thumb.jpg


And as far as sizes I have no idea but folks over the the RPF might know.

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