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Fun with a Hasbro

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So while I am waiting on my DLT to be shipped I came across a Hasbro... While not originally planning to do an E11 I thought I would give it a go round. Nothing fancy, nor is it exact, I wanted to just have fun with it. Even though its not anywhere near perfect or accurate like some strive to do, it is art and I enjoyed the process.

Basically in order to acheive some weight I used PVC to lenghten the gun itself. The true Sterling SMG was longer than the Hasbro so I wanted to go for at least the proper length. Beyond that I just did what I thought looked cool after the research from ALL the many variations. The fun part was using the sheet metal for the folding stock, the magazing holder, magazine itself and the back rail. I used a contact solution cap for the tip of the gun. (held the LED perfect) I recently replaced the windshield wipers on my wife's car so I used those as my T-track. Enjoy the photos ;)


Fun with PVC


Had to get rid of that horrible back side...


A much better length


Time to drill some holes



Playing with sheet metal ... yeah fun?




After a few coats of paint and some Windshield wipers...




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Was actually a lot of fun.. and i didn't buy any mod pieces or anything.. just tried to do it with what I had / could find. if ya do I'd love to see what ya come up with :)

Thanks for the kind words!

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Very talented. Might have to do the same to the back of my Hasbro, but I think I'll keep the length because, I'm the classic, "Aren't you a little short..." and the length of the sterling looks really weird on me. Yeah, a DLT comes almost up to my shoulders. But I love what you've done with the rest.


*puts ideas away in box until has a moment to actually work on things*


congrats on the great work!

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