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My Armor Build

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Here are the picts of the Armor as I got it from Plagu3is (Thanks again) and the BFG I got last week. I also have a next seal, but I'm sure I'm missing about 1000 things, so this should be insteresting.










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Looks good, there are a few corners poking out that you might need to trim ... You'll find out the first time you wear it.


How do the thighs, and shins fit? I noticed they were already sealed up when you got it.


Again looks like you've got a great head start provided everything fits pretty well. Post up when you start doing your strapping and rough fits and we can give you pointers on any slight adjustments.


Also there are a few great helmet tutorials on here - make sure to read before going at your bucket.

ABS Bucket: HERE

HIPS Bucket: By Scootch


You're working with ABS but read both just to get a really good idea of what's what ... Helmet (for some) can be the hardest part of the build.

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I'm going to an Armor Party Saturday and plan on taking it with me. I'll get a better idea on everything. There's more than enough people locally that I think I can get what I have going... what I'm more concerned about is learning what I still need.





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Finally was able to make it TO the Armor Party and took out my kit to see where/how to go. It's going to be a "take it apart and start over." Unfortunately the person I got it from was smaller than I am, so the strapping makes it hit all wrong... :wallbash:


Oh, Well, Now that Christmas is over the troops will slow down and I can actually work on it... Oh Wait... Movie release, then MegaCon, OK, after that... Oops, Star Wars Weekends....



Sigh... :confused: well ??maybe?? I can have it in time for CVI... maybe... :unsure:



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