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Shadow Scout Reference Pictures


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Star Wars Galaxies Video Game:



Shadow Scout LFL Art References:

X-WING Rogue Leader

xwingSS11.jpg xwingss12.jpg


Star Wars Galaxies TCG: Threat of the Conqueror

SWGTCGConqueror.jpg Storm_Commando_Gunner-TotC.jpg Oppressor_Flamethrower.jpg Storm_Commando_special_agent_by_Barger.jpg


Darth Vader #17



Action Figure References

From the General Weir 2-pack - provided by Shadow

Front.jpg back.jpg Left.jpg Right.jpg

Additional Images from Worthpoint: https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/star-wars-comic-pack-storm-commando-1816043515



Micro Machines Titanium Series - provided by 762s



3 3/4" Figure - provided by 762s

334 SS figure1.jpg 334 SS figure2.jpg


Black Series 6" Figure (Provided by 762s)

Black Series Shadow Squadron 1.jpg 6 ss figure1.jpg 6 ss figure2.jpg 6 ss figure3.jpg

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