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Rubber Resin Pistol

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Guys i have one of the rubber resin pistols and was wondering what is the best way to paint this little baby.


Being rubber do you need to use speciel paints or will a normal undercoat then flat black do the job.

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My 2 cents: I would hit it with a Krylon gray primer (2 coats), then a Krylon flat or semi-gloss black. The Krylon indoor/outdoor works really good and I use it for all my blasters. Just make sure to let the paint cure/dry for at least 24 hours between color changes. If it's tacky or sticky, let it dry some more. Hope this helps.

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Never done a pistol myself but Griffin sounds spot on ... Especially the part about letting it dry / cure properly!


With something like that I'd guess multiple very light coats (instead of a heavier coat) would be the way to go.


And always try to keep your primer coat and your paint from the same maker. Generally won't make a huge difference but paints from the same maker are tested and re-tested for comparability.


Have fun and let us know how it turns out.

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After speaking to the guy who i bought it from all he said to do was give it a very good clean up, let it dry for about a week. Then apply 2 coats of grey primer then apply 2 coats of flat black and let it sit in a dry to warm area for a few days.







pic showing size of pistol against the gloves and boxes

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