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Few More Shadow Pics Of Me

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Very nice looking kit! Only things I see are the ab buttons need to be painted all black. Your right shoulder bell is turned towards the back too much, and when you're ready for your approval pics you'll need to remove that DT decal on the left shoulder bell. Hope that helps. :)

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Looks great man! I love the way you had these pics done and your armor looks nice and shiny. I'm working on mine now and have done several "test" fittings. The only comment I have is try to make the parts come together better - like with less gaps. It's really present in your knees and legs. I know this is not always easy but how it's strapped plays a big part in it. Great job though! :)

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LOL - the calves can be the hardest part, especially if you are using a low rise boot, ie: the Bass Amsterdam.


What I did to keep everything down and straight was put a snap on the boot elastic and connect that with a piece of elstic to another snap on the inside of the shin ... Makes for a bit of a trial when putting everything on but it keeps everything straight.


And if you like you could probably get away with lowering the thighs about an inch, and that'll give less of a gap at the knees. Though it's much easier to walk with a nice gap at the knees.


As far as the shoulders there are a few things you could do ... move the attachment strap on your right shoulder slightly forward ... might be easy or hard depending on your strapping system, and another option is to put elastics that go around your actual arm and attach to the shoulder bells and keep the shoulder bell in place. A third is to put elastic strapping between the chest and back plates. This will hold them in tight and make sure that when you move the chest/back isn't being moved out of place. In a perfect world, if you did all 3 that would solve your concerns. And the benefit would be you would have a stable construction that should you add an amp in the chest, or or wear a pauldron (which can push down on the chest) everything will be nice and stable.


Here's a pic of what I'm talking about with the shoulder bell straps that go around the arm, and the shoulder bell connection:



If you do want to do all three then give this tutorial a read over - it's pretty good and I've got most of the ideas in my kit (now).

snap tutorial

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