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First costume!

Guest Shadowspawn

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Guest Shadowspawn

Alright guys! hope you are all well :)


Well i have browsed the place for different costumes and i can safely say that I have settled on the Shadow Stormtrooper! :woot:


Now, i am a major costume noob. I know nothing of making one, putting one together, where to go, types of brands, what to avoid/look for online etc etc. Also, the less work I have to do on the costume, the better. Im useless when it comes to anything like that, probably because i never do it.


So i welcome all and any type of help and advice! Also, apologies if I ask daft questions lol


Also, this topic will be my WIP also so any pics will be posted here





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Don't worry about been new to this kind of stuff, we all have been noobs not too long ago (well, everyone but our DL, he has always been the owner of the eternal knowledge!!! LOL!!!)

About your armor just 2 little pieces of advise:

Avoid EBAY and Starfortress

Check pm


Good Luck

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Guest Shadowspawn

Thanks, anyone have any tips on where to get them?? I'm completely new to ordering these things so where would be the best places to go??


Just struggling to get things going tbh. Where should i start?? Which online shops are the best to get it from??


So many questions lol just trying to find a decent costume that isn't gonna cost me the world lol

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As far as being new and having questions ...


Please read over on the FISD First Imperial Stormtrooper Division (White Armour) - It's the forum for all the white stormtroopers (and variants). There is a lot of information here as well but for the beginner they have a much larger detachmnet and far more members so there are literally posts for every question.



Getting Started:

On FISD Read in here

- This has a lot of great basic info regarding the basic kit, tools, etc.




Have a look at the build threads on this board: In Shadow Stormtrooper Area

On the FISD: Build Threads

And on Youtube: Dave's garage -

- This last one is a great resourse for you to be able to see what's going on and how to set up, etc.


Note: There are a number of different kits which may differ slightly on the exact steps as outlined above, but the information on the builds will give you a great understanding of what you'll need, how to build and the options avalilbe as far as construction methods.




Saving the best for last.

There are a number of places to get soft parts (main costume parts that aren't made of plastic) here: On Our Forums

Main Armour:

This is a bit tricky as on this board we don't publish names and addresses of makers, some boards do, we don't. We also will not discuss the prices of kits openly.

So having said that there is a maker here on the boards, and another one that may be possibly pulling Black armour either now or in the very near future.


I'll send you a PM with details.



Any questions please ask and hopefully that'll give you something to read ;).


EDIT: Also please reach out to your local Garrison via their forums and see if you can meet up with a few troopers at an event. Have a look at the kits, find out what works and what doesn't, and you can chat about construction techniques. Most of us are more than happy to babble on about our costumes ... As seen above ;).


UK garrison Forums

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