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Reaper's Magma Trooper

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When I got into the 501st it was with a SithArmor TX stormtrooper kit.

After that all I ever wanted was a Magma Trooper.

Every one in my Garrison can tell you that :)

Well about 4 weeks ago I got up at 3 am to get ready for work when I noticed I had a few messages on my phone.

It was a link to a Ebay auction from several of my friends stating there was a Magma on Ebay!

I immediately emailed the guy and told him to end the auction and to call me.

Well around 8am he did!

I found out he was on of the original 10 from the run done around 10 years ago of true red A.B.S. stormtroopers armor!

He got it in the mail and had built armor before but when he opened the package was set back alittle by how nice it was and thought "I am gonna take my time on this one!"

And to tell the truth forgot about it.

Until cleaning out his basement and found the box of unbuilt un touched red armor that had been there all these years!

He then put it on Ebay and now I have it!!!

Well I am taking my time but I am actually assembling it. :)

Helmet is almost done just need to put in the lenses Kevin Christley is making for me.

Thighs have been expanded.

Biceps have been expanded

Fore arms assembled

Calves assembled

Ab buttons on.

Will be doing the chest straps and belt this weekend.

I have a set of TK boots but need to figure out how to dye/paint them to match the armor.

I am blue painters taping off every thing since when you get glue on the red abs it turns it orange.

When you cut the plastic it also turns orange but you can heat it up and the red will come back.post-41-022986900 1318033166_thumb.pngpost-41-072081500 1318033193_thumb.png

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Wow, nice find!! Color me extremely jealous!


As for your boots, izzi has painted some that did well. You might PM him about what process and colors were used. CAboots also has red boots available now, but they are pretty expensive.

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Nice! I wonder if all the remaining kits are back in service. That's 4 kits recovered from basements so far the last couple years (One made into a college mascot and rebuilt). The guy said there were only 10 of them made, huh? I thought there'd be at least 20, but seeing how there are less than 10 registered in the Legion at the moment that sounds right.


Gratz on the find!



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He actually owns a special effects company in California. Never joined the 501st but had built a few Stormtrooper for fun just never submitted them.


What did you guys do about the shoes?

That is pretty much my last hurdle

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