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dk is back from the dead!

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ok, some of you may recall that nice ATA suit of TX armor i built and painted oh, 7-8 months ago? here it is! my mom actualy decided she wanted to be a TX! so i re-fitted the suit to her, and ordered me a nice AM shadow kit. any way, here she is! TX-9844! i will post up photos of my AM build here as well. cheers guys!!!







and yes, that is my vader standing next to her!

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thanks guys! im going to re-do the shoulder bells once the hyperfirm rubber straps come in. btw, if you need the hyperfirm rubber shoulder straps, a guy on the tie pilot detachment is doing them in black for the TIEs, and for the TX troopers. pm me for further info on that.

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Those look sweet, what a great idea! I've been wanting to make my upper armor a pull-over but didn't want to rivet the shoulder straps for fear of them snapping. Definitely going to get a set of these after CV. Thanks for the info bro!


Hey Iz, should we move this to the costume resources area?

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ive been slammed this week! it sucks.... i havent done much to the kit. i did trim some out of the thighs and shin armor. ive been converting a hasbro lid to AOTC for a friend, re-building a TK that some guy bought that is recast garbage. i need to get back to re-building my vader helmet(my primary costume)(oh, and it has a nasty crack in it) and work on the TX in the down time.

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