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Black Rubber Gloves

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LOL - Myself I have the chem gloves, but they get pretty wet inside ... I suppose the same can be said for the Latex.


I don't see any stipulation regarding the type of glove a specialist needs...l. Though the base CRL doesn't state "Laytex" as an acceptable fabric:

"May be made of leather, rubber, nomexm, or jersey-style cloth." Latex is a type of rubber ... but I'm not high enough on the pay grade to make that call ;).


Myself, personally, I'd stick with the Chem gloves for 501st big events (as they are seen in the movies) and pick up a pair of tactical gloves for regular trooping.

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If you want to push for "screen" accuracy then a pair of $3 rubber chem gloves is well worth it.


Just FYI we're going to be looking at a few tweaks on the "Specialist" costume criteria so things may be changing, but as of right now they aren't mandated. Mind you they are the only thing I troop in. If you start with them you don't know how much more comfortable any other glove can be ;).


Specialist requirements are here: http://forum.specops501st.com/index.php?/topic/381-specialist-requirements-blackhole-trooper/

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lol "screen" accuracy?? sorry i just had to toss that in there, well shoot... can i atleast know what the changes are before i apply for specialist?? cause depending on when it changes i might not beable to change it within the timeframe...

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When in doubt check the requirements. The specialist program does not require any special glove past what is acceptable for the base costume. There MAY be little tweaks are and there to the program, but nothing huge if it were to happen.


Also, as far as the latex gloves go, we'd have to see them with the costume to judge them properly. They may be a little too form-fitting. I still don't understand why anyone would want to wrap themselves in rubber and then troop.



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