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Hey everyone!

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Hey everyone, so I am new here, I am starting out in Izzi and Darts garrison. I have been looking at starting my first armor set and I want it to be a shadow stormtrooper. Any help or information you guys could give me to point me in the right direction is much appreciated. Thanks! Looking forward to it.

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Welcome Aboard!


My son and I were down in your neck of the woods earlier this year for Freedom Fest ... Great bunch of Spec. Ops folks down there in Alpine!

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Hey guys thanks, I am super excited to start on a shadow armor set. I trooped in Dart's swamptrooper for a little while and loved it. If anyone knows the first place to start on a shadow stormtrooper set, please let me know. Thanks!

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Check out the Shadow Stormtrooper section for some tips and pointers on where to look. Also check out the "junkyard" as there might be some gear for sell in there. You could also post a WTB where appropriate. Just be cautious with e-Bay. :)

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