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Get in there you big furry oaf

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So, I figured I'd post this for the benefit of those who don't have the privilege of being my facebook friend.







Still needs a LOT of work, but I'm proud of the progress I made and the response I've gotten thus far.

Just waiting on getting in some money to fix up some things then hopefully get him approved.

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I think that somewhere I congratulated you on a job well done but just in case I haven't.....

Job extremely well done brother!


Hahah yeah a good many of you have already seen all this on Facebook and said your congrats over there. But thank you again! ;) Now we just need to troop together so you can see it in person.

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That turned out so Sweet, bummer you don't live closer. We would make an awesome Han & Chewie team. :D

I know, I need to get a Han locally to travel with. hahah



That is quite awesome. You are one tall dude to pull that off. One of the best costume around!

The wonder of lifts. ;)

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Well, then that is pretty impressive. The only place i really notice it is in the feet.


Yeah I made the feet in a hurry and with very poor quality tools and it shows. I need to fix them before it'll be approvable, but I'm waiting on a paycheck to buy the materials.

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Hey this looks great!


I've thought about doing a Wookiee before (based on my SWG character), but need to finish my current builds. So I may ask you some questions if I ever decide to make one.


Great job!! :D

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