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Problem with paulder


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Hi Guys:


Since I built my Nova I've had one problem with it. I'm constantly having to push the helmet down or I cant see. This past weekend I tried wearing it without the paulder and the problem all but disappeared. It appears that my neck is too short and having the paulder on top of the armour pushes the helmet up. (and also gives me a sore neck from the strain of trying to keep it perfectly straight in order to have some vision. Any suggestions (besides loosing the paulder) on how I might get rid of the problem?



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Just looking at the pictures a couple things stand out to me. It looks like that wrinkle that is being created in the front on your left where the pauldron front snaps to the back is like your cause. Out of curiously, if you leave it unsnapped and make sure its laying down flat, does it still do it? It seems to be pulling weird and creating a lift. As I don't have a Pauldron hard from me to speak from experience, but that's what I notice just looking at the photo.

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Depending on how the helmet is sitting, you might be able to raise the helmet up slightly as well... ost likely however, it whole issue comes from the pauldron and the backpack. have you tried wearing the pauldron without the backpack to see if it lies down correctly with the helmet?



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