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Greetings Programs!!!!

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Together we have achieved a great many things. We have created fantastic sets of armor,

we've maintained them, we've improved them. We have rid them of their imperfection.


Not to mention rid it of the false diety who sought to be more popular than us,

White armor! Where are you now?


My fellow Spec Ops let there be no doubt, that our hobby is a cage no more.

For at this moment the key to the next frontier is finally in our possession!




And unlike the white armor who sought to out number us greatly,

I will make new types of troopers open and available to all of us, yes, to all of us!


And whatever we find and get approved, then our detachment will grow, then our detachment will blossom.

To do this, prove yourselves, prove yourselves to me, belong to me and I will never betray you.


We will maximize efficiency, rid the new armor sets of their imperfection. My vision is clear fellow troopers.

Out there is a new world, out there is our victory. Out there is our destiny!



So yes I've gone crazy... and yes that's from Tron: Legacy. This scene specifically.


I've always loved CLU from the first time I saw Tron: Legacy. So I set out a few months ago to recreate his helmet, first by sculpting it out. However, I got into the EVO Trooper and my sculpture faded in to my list of projects.




But recently a guy on the RPF released showed off his helmet and stated that he was going to sell them soon. So I quickly inquired about purchasing one and here is what I received in the mail today! Yay!!!




So I'll be finishing this up with a nice gloss black finish and some lights and some more movie accurate details. I might even go as far as to stick a small camera in the thing just like the movie (so I can move around and see :)).




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*Dusts this thread off*


"He's figured out how to do it"

- Kevin Flynn, Tron: Legacy


I've been wanting to do this whole suit for awhile now. However I have never been able to find a good way to go about the whole suit, thus it always faded to that long lost corner of my project list. Well I watched Legacy again the other day and got inspired to try this again and as I sat in bed and thought that night, I had an epiphany (hence the quote above :)). So it's time to get this whole suit made up!


Here's the plan! I got my hand on the 3D model from the TRON: Evolution game, I was originally going to use the 3D model to make up some Pepakura templates, but the model, well, was terrible. But I realized the other day that I can use the texture files and print them out at full scaled size and use them as a general template to get the basic shape and then add the details later!


Here's the Chest texture as an example, I learned to up the brightness a lot so I could see the lines easier.




Here's the whole leg as well. You can see that I didn't mess with the texture too much before printing and as a result had to spend some time looking for the faded lines.




The whole thing will be made from foam, keeps the whole thing flexible so I can fit it to my body a better and I'll probably coat it at the end to make it look like rubber. :D It probably won't be 100% accurate either, some of those curves... scare me.... I will triumph though, and get something that looks pretty close in the end!




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