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Space Trooper Reference Pics

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Will be acceptable in the 501st. a costume like this?: Spacetrooper SL31





In the starwarswikiapedia say has 2 meters tall, looks as an ironman/stormtrooper hybrid armor, I´d like to start one, thoughts please.



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I have a vacuum form table so will be in styrene the armor, the joints will look as black metal but I will do in black urethane rubber , I will buy or made myself this hands that looks accurated: http://www.etsy.com/...hop_home_active I am taking inspiration in the Titan robot too (google),

I am figuring if the effort will be worth and if approved will be. (sounds like Yoda, LOL).

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I'd also recommend not using that suit, but rather one of the other above ones. That particular action figure doesn't follow any of the above references, and that could prevent approval.


- Master Tej -


Looks same to the second pic in the first post, the comic version, don´t you?

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SW.com Databank:



Dark Horse comic Heir to the Empire







I have more pics found in rebelscum, I hope will work, even have the dented line in the right chest portion as showed in the comic. double shoulder, mechanic hands, the helmet looks will have to be painted black in the back portion.






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Hasbro figures cannot be used as official references. However, we do have a source that is similar to the figure, as you mentioned, so if you built to the source we could fight for approval. The problem we will run into is I don't believe we have any sources of the back, only the front. I would love to see this one done, but it is going to require some pushing for additional sources, IMO, to make it approvable.

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I am currently working on a prototype for the Spacetrooper Pack. I am doing this per request of Paul Hoeffer. The intent is to adapt this into a CRL in the future. Below a link to the discussions we have been having and some of the reference pictures being used.



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Update on the Spacetrooper Pack. The idea is this will have 3 levels to it. Build is going to include resin and vacformed parts and maybe some 3D printed parts.


Kits will be made, once completed an approved by the appropriate parties.


We are working on having attached directly to the back using strong magnets. Since this will be hollow, it will be light.


Going to even have a version where the large horizontal cylinder opens and the clear tube comes out.


3D model is still in progress.






This is all based off of the pictures from the original movie and the Sideshow Figure. Reference pics will be added later.


Follow this link for the reference photos, at this time.



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