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Imperial Trooper from SWTOR

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Hi everybody!


As my boyfriend and I are going to build this trooper, I stumbled across this threat while looking through the detachment forums to see if anybody had already given it a try.


We are planning to use a combination from sintra and EVA-foam for the armour parts. As there are a lot of characters in the game who wear the armour without helmet, we will first build the armour and at the end start worrying about the bucket.


If anybody stumbles across more reference pictures or has high-res pictures from the trailers or taken in-game, we would be very delighted if you could share them with us. Also if someone's interested, we could post some WIP-pictures and stuff.


Oh, and just to make sure, this will be the correct detachment for this costume, right? (Sorry, first post here, and never been realy that much interested in TXs... :whistling: )

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