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DLT-19 Build (from a real MG-34)

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So after much internal deliberation in my mind, I have decided on another project to keep me busy.... I was tied between getting an MG-42 parts kit, MG-34 parts or a set of SW:TOR Jedi armor for another armor build.


After building that E-11 this summer, I just needed to build another demilled replica of a blaster so I chose to go after the MG-34/DLT-19. I've been searching for an MG-34 parts kit for some time now, but haven't had much luck with kits that I can buy (I'm not spending $1,000 at one time...). Now I've decided to make a "frankengun" with a bunch of parts that I'll purchase over time (I'll still end up paying close to $1000 but not all at once). I will purchase each part individually and slowly put it together over time. I'm hoping to get a part with each paycheck I get, so about every two weeks depending on how it goes. Also I'm not going to be putting the internal parts in. This is going to be a bare bones gun with only the essential external parts to look like a complete gun.


But here's my first part to start the build off! The top cover for the MG-34!




Next I'm looking at getting the cut up receiver pieces to put back together as a demilled receiver. Then I'll probably progress with either the trigger frame or the buttstock. But that will be later in time.




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Well I found a place online that sells the receiver pieces, but for about half what I've found at others! So I went ahead and bought a set, some assembly will be required... :yes:



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There's going to be no way to match the parts without either a parts kit (which supplies have seemed to dried up :() or an already assembled gun (which I can't buy, too much money at once). So unfortunately it will be made of mismatched parts, but will still look awesome in the end! :D

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Alright the parts have started to come in!


I got the top cover the other day and just received this small brown box minutes ago.




And once I opened it, I smelled the familiar smell of cosmoline (the grease they keep this stuff in) and pulled out a nice heavy duty bag.




And I have torched up receiver chunks! A LOT of clean up is needed before I even think of putting it somewhat back together. There is quite a bunch of slag...




But the top cover fits nice and snug on it (but didn't quite stay together for the pic)!


To assist in getting the receiver back together I went ahead and ordered the trigger housing and the charging handle. They both run a good length of the receiver so they'll help keep it straight when I go to assemble it.




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Well I received another fantastic box filled with goodies today!




And inside we have a charging handle and a greasy trigger housing :yucky:




So I cleaned the parts up a little bit and put them onto the receiver chunks to see how they fit, not too bad. Still have a little bit more slag to clean out of channel where the charging handle goes.




Also here's a pic of the inside of the receiver. I'm going to get some strips to go along those channels on the side. These channels go through most of the receiver so it'll hold everything together. I'm also going to run a small rod down that little hole in the bottom of the receiver (it's where the "recuperator" goes for an actual MG-34, but since this is a dummy gun I won't be needing it). This is another thing to hold the receiver together.




So yeah, I'm hoping to get the receiver back together next week so I can start attaching the parts (as opposed to my temporary rigging). :D

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So I'm getting the last of the parts I need to finish this thing off (it definitely has taken a lot less time than I thought :D) I received the stock and grips today!




I also have the barrel shroud and flash hider coming as well as other parts to get the thing put together like pins for the grips, trigger housing and top cover and the buffer to connect the stock and the receiver.


All that I really need is the bipod after that for the external appearance and probably some other pins and latches for the other parts that haven't come in yet. I'm probably going to grab a couple of the internal parts for the top cover later on.


Oh and it weighs in at about 8 pounds right now about half built... B)

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  • 2 weeks later...

More goodies coming in (buffer, pins, flash hider). Unfortunately I had to tear apart the rear portion of the receiver to get the buffer to fit in the threads in the back (stupid torch cut receiver complicating everything). But she's getting there. The barrel shroud SHOULD be on the way but haven't heard anything on that...




And this thing is weighing in at 9.5 pounds now, definitely won't be using for any long troops Izzi. It will probably wind up being a wall hanger for me. :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

Unfortunately the barrel shroud that was originally ordered will not be coming...


So instead I received this:




A Yugoslavian M53 kit. The M53 being an exact copy of the MG-42 that serves as the basis for my E-11s (you can see my current Cushman blaster on the far right of the pic). So I follow the same set of guidelines as my MG-34 and keep it deactivated and demilled. So someday when I save up some more money I will go about getting a dummy receiver chunk (cause technically the whole barrel shroud is part of the receiver) for the rear then it should be rocking in no time. :D

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  • 1 month later...

Curious about the Cushman...... I've read that some of their products break/crush easily. What is your opinion? I was thinking about purchasing there MG-34 V3 Replica for Trooping, I looked at purchasing a genuine MG-34 (which is Sweet) and making resin molds ) but I think it would just get me in trouble. Who wouldn't want to shoot it? Anyway.... I think trooping with that BEAST would drag me down, but I dont want to waste money on trash!

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I trooped with a Cushman for years, and loved it. Now Wraith troops with it, and it has held up over time. As everything you use, it will need some TLC every once in a while to keep it looking good.



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I also own a CCC that I built based on their kit. It turned out nice and as Izzi mentioned just requires a little TLC every once in a while. I'll PM you some nfo before you go there...;)



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Thought I'd dust this old thread off....


I've been stuck looking for an unobtainium part for the last couple years. Namely the barrel shroud, there hasn't been for sale for a good price in awhile... But got a cool package in the mail today! :) One barrel shroud complete with front and rear sights, latches and bipod stud for a fantastic price. :D Dated 1945 in case anyone is curious...




Here it is laid out with my E-11 (built from a demilled Sterling) for scale. Unfortunately I can't quite close the shroud on the receiver, got a little more grinding to do to make it fit right.





I also got out that receiver yesterday and prepped it for welding (since I know how to weld now) while I was waiting fro some Flametrooper stuff to dry and cure. Basically I had to undo the mess I made with it, but now it's all welded together, with proper blocks welded inside to demil it. The blocks make sure you can't put the internals in it. The receiver is a solid piece now, still got some cleanup and minor welding to do, but she's done!


I'm still missing a few pieces too; namely the bipod, feed tray, feed blocks, the barrel shroud extension (that's on the way though!) and some minor buttons and latches here and there. For the meantime I'll 3D model them and 3D print them to complete the look while I track down the correct parts. Very excited to get this thing back out and it doubles as a blaster and prop to use with our halftrack! :thumbsup:




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Welp I had some more parts come in, basically everything I need to finish it off and make it look fairly complete (still need a couple small parts). Otherwise it's ready for some T-track and I need to make up a small box to go over the feed tray. The T-track will probably be held on with magnets, so I can take them off to turn it back into a regular MG34 to use with our halftrack. Another project almost scratched off the list!







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