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Troopergirl's SWToR Imperial Trooper build

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OK folks... I started a new thread for everything concerning the progress of our build.


At first there has been of course the search for references... So far I found 3 different visual references for the Imperial Trooper:

1. In-game graphics

2. the CGI-model used in the cinematic trailers

3. Blood of the Empire-webcomics


The plan right now is to aim for the trailer-version, as it is the most realistic one. Of course the in-game appearances should be the most important guideline, but as the graphics and textures are really blurred (at least on my system B) ) it is very hard to identify correct shapes.


But of course it is also necessary to take a look at all existing versions. In all three sources the Imperial Troopers share certain characteristics, but there are also some differences. To identify these differences I tried a side-by-side comparison of the key parts of the armour, which I would like to share with you. (Please forgive certain strange descriptions and namings, as I don't even know a proper name for some parts in German :confused: )


Starting from the bottom...

The shoes:




All three sources share the two-part armour on top of the shoe. Looking at the game-version one might also assume there's another armour-ridge starting at the toes. A similarity can be found in the trailer-version with a kind of silver highlited seam across the shoe.

The calfs:




For the calfs I actually looked at four different sources, as there's also a WIP-shot of the CGI-model available online on which the boot-calf situation looks different to the finished model.

In the trailer-version you can clearly identify some kind of armour also on the back of the calf covering everything down to the ankle. Whereas in the WIP-state the boots are actually higher and the back-armour is tucked into the boots. Looking at the comic- and game-version I find it difficult to clearly identify if there's armour or high boots, but some textures in the game look a little more like a zipper just like in the WIP-version.

Nevertheless, we will go with armour and only ankle-boots.


The knees:


The knees in all three versions don't differ much, but for the sake of completeness...




Looking at all three version, one can assume that the shape of the red part is the same with all of them, but doesn't appear clearly and sharp in the game.

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Here comes the next part...


The thighs:




The thighs actually don't differ that much. The overall shape seems to be more or less identical, only with the game-version showing raised edges just like TK-thighs. Moreover, the grove is situated not as close to the upper edge in the game-version, as in the two others.


Belt and crotch-piece:




All threes versions have at least in common, that they all include a belt. There are some "chap sticks" connected to the belt. In the trailer-version they are black/grey, in the game they are red.

The shape of the metal belt buckle are also different, whereas the texture/ornament appears to be very similar.


Most different are the dimensions of the crotch-piece and the flap at the back, In the game- and comic-version both pieces are longer and appear to be some kind of cloth or leather. The trailer-version is smaller and the crotch-piece looks a little bit similar to TK armour... Also looking more closely at the NPCs in the game, there are some charcters to be found which don't have the longer pieces. The ones I took screenshots of were either Imperial officers without helmets or "special troopers" with a "big gun"...



To be continued...

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