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http://s1045.photobucket.com/albums/b452/sgtscully/shadow%202/ I have posted some pictures in the recruit section of my first attempt to assemble this dry, It didn't look right ,so I took Izzi s advice. I sanded the face plate to make it smooth. I trimmed the eyes out and i clamped it together . It looks better then the first pictures , I posted in the recruit section. Before I glue this with e6000, any suggestions would be great. I have assemble 3 TK buckets and you can hide things under the ear caps.



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The best way to assemble Scout buckets is pretty much all in one.


Sounds odd....


But you need to make sure the visor sits right on the bucket, and the faceplate sits right in the visor, and the faceplate sits right against the bucket.




How I achieve this is by drilling the visor to the bucket in the correct place, this securely locates it and stops things flopping about.

I then get the faceplate and tape it to the bucket shell (across the cheek area), making sure that all the bits line up nicely.


When you're happy with it all, you can then get a blob of glue on the faceplate/visor from inside the bucket to make it nice and secure.

then you can take the face/visor off the bucket, and fully glue it all in.



There is no where to hide stuff like in the TK lids, it has to be achieved as a whole.





As for extra trimming.... the visor need a little around the edges to make them slightly thinner. The inner edge is a bit square in the top corners.

And like Jim said, the eye socket could probably do with being a little wider. But not by much.


Here's a couple of pics of my Scout bucket, hopefully you can see what I mean....





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Your pictures answered a ton of questions, with the line up. I will trim more around the eyes and the corners of the visor. My back part of the helmet doesn't really line up with the groves on the dome. One side fits perfect and the other side seems to miss the grove by half inch, like it is too short. I will try to take a picture to post , so you can see what I am talking about. If you look at my first pictures,in the recruit section, the face place and visor seemed warped.I did a lot of sanding and I am happy with the fit for now. But I have to see how it meets up with rest of parts. But that is why I asked. thanks

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http://s1045.photobucket.com/albums/b452/sgtscully/shadow%203/ more photo s of the eyes trimmed more. the other 2 photos show the dome and the back line up on the right looking at the bucket. the photo showing the left side has a half inch gap. Should I heat up the left side and push it more towards the dome. Any suggestions would be great.
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Ideally you don't want to go heating the dome or the side bit. Forcing the two together will distort the shape to a greater or lesser extent.


It may well be that the bucket needs to be painted when it is completed, and if that is the case, then you're better off sticking it all together in the best shape possible, then filling the gaps with either something like Bondo (or what ever your local automotive filler is), or make up an ABS paste using some scrap ABS and Acetone.


I'd suggest that the trim line around the back of the dome is going to need filling anyway.... so you might as well keep the shape good and just fill in the gaps you are left with.



All depends on how far you want to go with it.

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I was trying to avoid painting but I don't like the gaps. I have worked with bond before a so that doesn't scare me. I was just seeing if there is an easy way, I guess not. The TK buckets were very forgiving. I will glue the dome and the back together as close to possible. Thanks for the input and I will post other pictures of my progress.

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