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Shadow Scout, General Weir... or both?

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I've been looking at different pictures and I am in love with the both of them (Swamp trooper looks nice too..) and i got a little question about the armor and soft parts...


IF I get to do both shadow scout and gen. weir, would I be able to use all the soft parts and most of the armor? I know the belt is different, lens (interchangeable lens, perhaps?) and the t bits, or would I have to buy a whole new armor just for weir?

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If you like you can compair the two requirements


Weir - 501st CRL


Shadow Scout - 501st CRL


If you wanted to do a Weir and a shadow scout you could use all your soft armour for both costumes ... you'd need both the balaclava and the neck seal as one is required for one costume and one for the other. But as you mentioned the belt would be different, and you'd need a bandoleer. And probably 2 sets of upper arms with the proper T-Bits for both costumes.


Easiest way would be probably to start with the shadow scout and then get the parts for Weir.


Hope that helps.

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ELP is right on this one.


Start off with the normal Shadow Scout ( I still hate calling them that..... They are Storm Commandos) .


All you will then need to do after that s to get the bandoliers, a new belt and biceps. Admittedly how you get around the bucket lens will be a bit of an issue. Bt nothing is insurmountable.

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