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Skypanda's Shadow Stormtrooper

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Hey everyone! So, I'm still on the waiting list for my armor from ATA. They said at the beginning of the February that it would be a 6 week wait, so I started gathering my other stuff.


The first thing I got (and yes, you guys are going to laugh) was lifts for my boots. Ok, you can laugh. I'm only 5'4 and I don't want to be confused for a midget. Today I bought my boots from barnstormers.com. Next I'll probably get my neck seal, underarmor, gloves, holster, and balaclava. That should be everything I need until I get my armor.


I'll keep everyone posted as I slowly make my progress. Any input is greatly appreciated!

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I don't believe balaclava's are required so you could save your money, on the other hand Im sure it would help keep fair in helmet better depending on how long it is.


Also......arn't you a little short for a stormtrooper :whistling:

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ooooh, 5'4 you can join Wraith's ankle biter squad :P:teehee: J/J you're not alone in in the short department, we have a few troopers around here that are down to earth. B) Hey post up a pic of your boots if you can.

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SkyPanda ... Sounds like a great start. Feel free to start posting pictures of your parts.


And I've got a balaclava - I don't wear it every troop, but I like it.

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