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TX Again

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Welcome Back Shawn!


Start building and let's get you back out and troopin' a TX again.


Good to hear from ya!

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Well got a was working on a 181 and my Shadow Scout at the same time... Scout kit and the TIE bucket are both MC so while it was a long wait it was more then worth it. TIE bucket arived first sooo I went ahead and finished that and put my 181 in. Scout is now in progress. Waiting on a flight suit and gloves, but everything else is good, finnaly have my DLT-19 as well. I need elastic and webbing so I an get everything assembled but I should be able to put my scout in soon.

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Bought one from a friend, though had to wait from them to be in stock... which was supposed to wednesday, and she shipped it soooo it should be be here soon... I hope. Everything else is more or less done,

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Are there anymore ref pics on Shadow Scouts or are the posted images all there is, I've searched but most of the stuff seems to be fan made... Is there anything more offical that has a better view?

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Not at this point. We shoot for "movie accurate" sort of like the Biker Scouts as seen in ROTJ. It makes sense that scouts of different detachments would be similar in design, armor, some weapons, etc. I just completed my Specialist mods and received approval. You can check it out below.




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