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My Blackhole Trooper Buckets

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Brought these over from the other boards as well. Please bring your armor project threads over to help others learn and gather ideas.


Okay, I've had this painted for awhile but I didn't actually start working on the details until yesterday.


It's my 3rd CAP-W helmet. I really like the fit of these things.


I wanted to do a "classic" Blackhole Trooper. Everything black except some blue highlights (which were used for shading the black). I have some midnight navy underarmour on it's way so I'm going to snap some pics on the 11th to use in our garrison trading card run. I wonder if we can find some flat navy tube stripes. The gloss navy reflects the light and makes the lens capture it as lighter than it is.





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So I finished this up. Thought some people might want to see the end result. I tore the old Capt midnight lenses out of my FX bucket and used them here. Still the best lenses I've ever worn. It's another nice CAP-W, in my opinion.







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