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Scout Armorer

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Greetings all.


I'm helping my girlfriend in researching her Shadow Scout trooper costume and I came across this website: [Link to SC site removed by moderator to protect vendor privacy]


Has anyone had any experience with this vendor?


This will be her first costume.




Brett Powers

Bast Alpha Garrison


New Orleans, LA

TD 7298

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Yes, I have worked with SC on multiple occasions. Great everytime. The armor is a bit bigger than others, but we were able to mod it enough to fit Wraith (the only living smurf) just fine!



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Agreed, Jeff is a good chap.


His armour might not be as accurate as some, but it's decent kit, nice and robust.


You can't go far wrong with his gear.

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  • 6 months later...

There are only a few people making Black Scout armour.


Jeff, at SC. This is probably the best option for someone in the states.

I think MonCal can do them (expect a long wait though).

There is the Mystery MG armour, but personally, I don't think it looks right so would avoid.


There is a rumour that I might be able to make some, but I couldn't possibly comment.

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