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New Nova Trooper


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Hello all,

I am new to this armor building cause my acceptance suit was a Tusken, so any help would be well appreciated.

First off, are Nova Troopers (not elites) accepted yet by the 501st? I noticed that the color code in the CRL for Novas is yellow, while elites are green.

Secondly, I am finding it difficult to find any user created Nova (again, not elite) pictures. Where can I find some really good painting references? I saw Izzis nova, but was curious if there were any more.

Lastly, I am starting off my build with an FX TK bucket I recently got for a sweet deal. Are there any tips for converting a white TK into a Nova?

And I figure you must be asking yourselves, "why do just a Nova and not an Elite?" Well, I am not a huge backpack fan, and I figure I can start off with a Nova now and add a few things and change the bucket and I will have an Elite. But for now, a plain ole Nova looks cool to me ;)

Thanks everybody!

Any help is good help ;)

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There are two Novas in the Legion, that I know of. I don't think I have any really good pics of my armor. Took them for the CRL and they came out all fuzzy going to be able to try again tomorrow. Yes, it is fully approved it just has the yellow square because it's missing the full model photo and is therefore not "complete."


Best way to make an FX bucket a nova is to sand it, paint it black, make sure there is enough tie for the paint to cure then paint the striping.



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I guess I must be the other Nova then izzi haha. More than happy to help if you need it. Take your time with the painting and it will come up sweet. I was lucky though to start with a black ABS kit for mine.

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Thanks for the support gentlemen, an I can't wait to be among your ranks. I was hoping if there would be any way for either of you to post some good pics of your buckets that I could use as a reference? I try to zoom in on the SWG ref pics, but the details are a little fuzzy. I am mostly curious about the four indented areas around my FX dome and what to do about them. And it looks like there is a darker area behind the ear pieces.

Thanks guys for all the help. This weekend I am getting started on the work, and I'll post my progress up here.

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I will try and get some pics ove rthe next couple of days. Flat chat with real life at the moment and organising DW2012 here in Oz. Going to have about 100 troopers there hopefully. Plus I sort of have to find my camera.....here little fella. Where are you????

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Legendary Muppet thanks mate.


Just remember for the back of the helmet the gold between the two trap indenst is only meant to be about 3/4's the height of the traps. Do not make the same mistake as me. Takes forever to rectify and is really hard to get the paint fixed when you do it on ABS.


Hope that makes sense and helps.

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I'm going for the standard Novatrooper also. I like the cooler looking gold stripe down the middle of the elite helmet, but i dont want to be hauling a back pack around all the time. So I'll be a standard one.



I do have a couple of questuons to make it.


1. The gold band on the helmet doesnt appear to go all the way around? Is that correct?


2. Is there a specific color / shade for the yellow?


3. Can a HIPS or a eFX helmet be used with an ABS body?

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I can answer this for you (this Nova is the exact same as the Medic and Sentinel, just different color)!


1. It doesn't go all the way around, it goes between the traps on the front and has the 90 degree corners . There is a small strip between the traps in the back as well. But no stripes that run along the side of the helmet.


2. Use Metallic Gold spray paint (Krylon or Rustoleum work great!!), it's not very metallicy/shiny/gold plated looking like the cap might suggest, but ends up being perfect color wise.


3. Yes, you can use a HIPS helmet with ABS kit. Just make sure you have the same glossiness as the rest of the suit and you'll be fine. I have many HIPS helmets that I use with my ABS armor. Polish/paint it if you need to!


Here's some pics of my Sentinel helmet (ignore the dust, she's been sitting for awhile....) The red outlines are to highlight the trap indentations (they are not actually on the helmet).








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