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My Wife wanted to but me a birthday present, so while we were out at a local mall we noticed these boots. Can you please tell me if they are acceptable? If not..... no worries, il wear them loca 2012-03-29_19-55-53_330.jpg lly in gear, but we got them for half off of clarence at Sears. paid $13.

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Unfortunately, no...those will not pass. The issue are the seams and the incorrect elastic on the inside/outside. They do look good but are just not what you need for the costume. I picked mine up on eBay and have seen different brands and types online. They should look similar to what I have below. I sent you a PM with some options.



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Technically they shouldn't work, however they may look close enough once the shin armor is over them. You should speak to the local GML if you're in contact with him and get his feeling on it. I'd probably hold off on buying new shoes until then.



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