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painting problems for blaster

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so i am working on an hasbro blaster i picked up while waiting for my am kit to clear customs. My dippydoos kit also arrived and i have succesfully used E6000 to put it all together. Now i jumped the gun,lol, and forgot to go get primer and ran out to the garage and used a black gloss spray paint and most of the unit looks great, also i didnt read instruction fro dippydoos and didnt properly wash the conversion kit(oops, i was a lil excited) and i have a few spots where the paint has big runs of paint that has dried and a few spots with small bubbles, and a couple of spots where the paint didnt sstick to the resin parts. So i am a nooby and i dont know what to do. should i use a fine sand paper and clear affected areas and the attempt to paint again? is their and specific spray paint that work better with the plastic and resin parts? i have been taking photos and will chronicle soon.

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Bummer. It's always a good idea to wash resin based parts before painting. Depending on how bad it is, you could just sand the offending areas with light sandpaper, then repaint and blend it back in. Without a pic, I can't really tell...


IMHO...it might be better to sand it down totally, then hit it with some Krylon primer. Let it dry for about 24 hours, then hit it with some Flat or Satin Black Krylon paint. I do this for all my blasters and it turns out really well. This is my Hasbro mod E-11 and I used Krylon Primer and Flat Black...then Metallic for weathering.







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yeah i would say no to the glossy part and just spray it on flat black and add weathering...so yeah sanding it all then repaint would be my opinion

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I would sand down the entire thing so it's nice a smooth and hit it with a coat or two of primer... After that I agree using a flat black for the blaster would give you a better look than a gloss black would.



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I generally wash the parts with hot water and dish soap to get rid of the mold release

then I sand everything just slightly and I use several coats of paint I use a metallic silver and metallic black auto rim paint and flat black this tends to make it look a little more like real metal when the paint sets

then I do some dry bruushing with testors steel and aluminum

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i cant figure out how to get my pics uploaded to show, ive tried clicking and dragging pics onto text box but they come out huge


Your best option is to go setup a free Photobucket account. You can upload the pics to Photobucket then link them here on the forum. :)

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So now i have got pics! first lets begin with the doopydoos box all the way from the ukP1010489.jpg

i love the Royal Mail gold sticker.

Then the kit itselfP1010491.jpg

so the parts at the top of pic go on the scope,and the rest is pretty easy to figure out i tried to lay it out as it would sit on the blaster.

then i opened the blaster, very difficult but worth the effort, getting the round piece off the scope with a tiny phillips head sucked but lil by lil it came offP1010495.jpg

as you can see once i had it open i took out the red plastic bits that were visible through the holes, possibly not neccisary bt it made me feel good, also i shaved the trigger down from factory to try make it appear more real.

Then i cut the scope end offP1010497.jpg

for all my cutting i used my dremmel, as well as sanding and shaping.Of course the orange tip had to go too!P1010499.jpg

then i carefullly cut off one of the fin thingys, and if you are NEWBY LIKE ME DONT CUT THE FIN IN NEXT PIC,i had already done so on other side and just took pic for demonstrationP1010501.jpg

And after a lot of work and patientce here are the new holes


Then i began working on putting some hex bolts from foam depot in the nose cap, i had to grind the resin down to get the heads to proper depth, and i have seen in other chronicles people cutting the threaded ends off but i drille hole very very very carfully and threaded them in, on the end looking at them they look great but from the side the side doesnt quite match what the resin has but it so cool to have done in anywaysP1010504.jpg

heres a straight on lookP1010507.jpg

Back to the round piece the holds back of scope i removed to open blaster, i will put it back on later with the center bored out to a small lip an i cut a cd into a small disc( then split the disc in half) to go inside scope hole and the cd give a really cool glimmery shine and the sticker is behind that, you see in the finished picsP1010512.jpg

Then the trouble began i ran out and painted it gloss black and i think my paint problems came because i was spraying so close and so heavy on the unwashed parts, sorry there no pics without paint i got excited and forgot to take themP1010547.jpg

and so i sanded and sanded and sanded but here are the pics while sandingP1010548.jpg


and i will go take finished pics with the flat black now and ost in a bit

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Alright so here are the pics of the repainted blaster.P1010551.jpg

You can see i also dremmeled out the piece just below scope to try make it look a lil more realP1010552.jpg

This is th sie with no holes or exhaust ports and you can see i still need to silver paint the piece rite in the middleP1010553.jpg

hers one with my new am kit in the background, but thats another story, and as you can see i still need to find 2 black wires to run from the counter to the power thingys, any suggestions please do tell!P1010554.jpg

heres one of the eye piece of the scope with the piece of cd in it to give it a really cool efect, i tried to capture the coolness on the camera but this was the best i could do but i really does look good when it moves back and forthP1010556.jpg

so the painting was difficult but i would suggest talking to someone in a paint department and test the spray out on a few things first, also remember if it does look good on the first coat dont worry the second will touch up spotsP1010557.jpg

so i used e6000 on mine and as you might notice the seems are a lil messy, i tried to clean them up with a modelers scalpul thingy and hoped paint would cover my clumsyness and i think it came out ok for a first tryP1010558.jpg

i really love this blaster i spend quite a bit of time admiring it and trying to remember my blaster when i was a kid, it had a dial and i made a couple different blaster sounds and i wish i could upgrade sound in this there are kit out there but then my am kit arrive and i have to wait. hope you enjoyed

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i just cut an old cd in the diameter needed for the hole and when you have it cut just with your finger you will be able to split the disc in half( cds are two discs squished together with a shiny inner layer), this took a few trys as the inner layer would come off uneven on the discs blocking the view of the sticker, but after a cd or two i got a good disc and is has irradensent shine but still see through quality

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