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Storing Your Armor

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Ways to store your armor:

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I picked up this storage bin from Walmart for like $15. It is different than the bins I use for my TK or the trunk I use for my TB. This one has "click locks" on the four tops sides and has rollers (for easy in and out). This thing is largest enough for my entire suit, helmet, and "quick repair" tote. It's a generic box and I will get you the name tonight. :)



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I looked last night and the name on the bin is "boxz" but I think it's a generic Walmart brand. I also use this little trunk like box for my scout. It has rollers, a carrying handle, and can lock. It's made by Sterilite. :)








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Depends on the type of costume and if you want the helmet inside it or seperate. I have a bunch of different kinds of costumes and almost all of them are in the generic Walmart box Jim has posed on the top here. They are completely awesome for transport and storage, I love them!


I can fit in them: full Biker w/ helmet, full Tie Pilot w/ helmet, custom Mando w/ helmet (small backpack, no rocket or backplate though), Jedi General (w/ armor), regular Jedi, Admiral Veers, X-Wing pilot, and a few more.


I have some larger, like 30-35 gallon rubbermaid bins for my Snow Scout, Snowtrooper, Commander Neyo and upcoming Animated Clone. They could fit in the Walmart bin but not with the helmet, and I like to have the buckets with the costume. Snow Scout and Snowtrooper have the large backpack with eats up the space, the Neyo has a lot of parts and I could fit the TK in a smaller bin but I have a lot of extra stuff with that costume.


I have one of those sweek Home Depot rolling ones, it's HUGE and works great when I go to a troop and want to put more then one costume in it - I'll throw in mine, my son's and wife's all together and then we need only roll that one bin instead of carrying them all seperately or stacking them on a handtruck, but it's waaaaay bigger then you'd need if you wanted to simply put one costume in it, at least IMO :)

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For the CVI trip I picked up a stanley case instead of using my golf case. I can only get one set of armor in my golf case. Also, someone in my garrison is driving a trailer out there and taking a number of stanley cases with him, so I wanted to save the shipping money.

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Don't laugh, yes I have a sickness, but here are some of my costumes:







Jedi General, Old Ben, 181st Tie, Shadow Scout, Biker Scout and custom Mandos all fit in the Walmart Brand bin:











The Neyo and TK are in larger, 35 gallon bins, but could probably fit in smaller if I had too:





Snow Scout, Snowtrooper and "Ashtrooper" are all in 30 gallon bins, smaller then the ones for Clone and TK but bigger then the Walmart bins:





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