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My Hasbro/DoopyDoos Mod

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Just about finished my DoopyDoos Hasbro E-11 mod. Except for the stock (which arrived broken and they shipped me a replacement part, but it has not shown up yet) which I will add later. It still needs some additional weathering, and a little touch up here and there...




Silver undercoat, black textured finish

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Looks good man, I like that you did the scope rail too. These blaster mods are really fun. :thumbsup:


I can't tell in the pic. Did you add an extra row of holes on the left side?


Here's mine:





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No wiring yet, and I left the existing extra rail for now. I may cut and drill later. I also received the Doopydoos full resin kit today, so that will be a fun challenge.

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id like to see others weapons and hear how they got them together Ive been mostly thinking about the armor and haven't put much thought into what weapon ill carry or how im going to go about getting one and assembling it.


Why not create a topic for this? ;)



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