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Vest for Swamp Trooper?

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Very likely.


All of the Spec Ops type Scout based costumes haven't had the 'updates' done to the CRL like the Scout has.


And from what Izzi has said in the past, this is unlikely to be the case either.



It's the difference between Expanded Universe and Canon material.



In the films the flak vest, riding patch and thigh straps can clearly be seen, where as because the EU stuff tends to be game footage, or artist drawings, the minute detail is sometimes omitted.

So these are not a 'must have' in terms of the CRL, but if you can include them, it's a nice touch (in my opinion anyway).

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well, looking at the reference material, you can see that the areas between the chest and shoulder armours is Black, so I'd go with the vest being black.


Might be worth consulting one of the CRL team


Dartoftruth or Torisempai or the likes.

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Conversation between Dart and Izzi:


Okay, so I've been scrutinizing this lately...is it just me or is there no black tank topper? Kinda hard to tell from the angle in these pics. Opinions?

There's no holster either, but leave it on. None of the TKs in this game have the o2 tanks/thermal detonators either.

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