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TX Bondservnt specialist reporting for duty

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I've built up the ATA works kit in white, for a friend.


so that was my training phase to build this kit.


being my 3rd kit to assemble this will go VERY fast in the build dept.


some minor shipping scratches might require putty or filler.


we'll have to see how she does on the sanding table.


I have a set of Keith's hovie tips, TK 4510 decals, and will be doing flat black details

on the lid, with one way mirror lenses over the top of the ATA green lenses.

I think I'm going to get some extra brow trim from mark h. this brow trim looks pretty good, but I like

the taller and thicker brow trim than the ATA.


so far with AP, ATA and now stealth ATA I'm almost there on the costume parts for my fan film.

I plan to have TK,TX,TC and TKC costumes, as well as a "high tech" undersuit, a space pack,

a heavy weapons pack, soft costumes for stormtrooper commander and finally TIE pilot.

some sith robes, and some off world style correllian smuggler pilot clothes.



The story centers around my work as a special operations level commander

chosen in this line of clone batches to train human and alien

academy cadets in the transition from clone trooper korps, to white tk

conscript humans.


being in the command level clone batch, there are several of "me" doing different

tasks in a mission environment. the story will follow several of my missions

over the passage of about a decade or so.


my first scene will be in episode III clone commander armor.

then transitioning into regular TK.

then wearing sith robes

then wearing TX armor


you get the idea...

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I can easy have both types... is green the pref?


I think it would be cool to have silver lenses, tubestripes and frown.


so that it all matches.


but I see that we have black everything.


since I usually use Flat black for my vocoder/chin areas of my lid... that's cool with me.

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Mirrored is fine and actually my preference, it looked like the way you worded it that you were going to put a mirrored lens over top of a green one essentially having two. Maybe you meant mirrored tint over the green lens. Which would actually make a lot more sense, lol.

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Silver tube stripes haven't been approved yet (no references). If you want to try great, but you'll most likely need to change them out for a black or dark blue.




...I just realized that is my helmet in your sig banner.

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...I just realized that is my helmet in your sig banner.



good eye there boss... when I get my kit completed I'll swap out the image...


I'll be doing flat black details on the lid, to conform to the existing refs.


thanks everyone for the encouragement.

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Looks like your buils is coming along ... Thanks for the pics.


My wife didn't belive me when I said that the kitchen table is the best place for a build ... Now I can show her great troopers think a like!

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