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O² Canister Help

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Hey guys, didn't want to bombard other guys thread about the canister. Today I been working shoulder bells and figured I would remove the silver tape from Canister. Well I have it tacked back together, just want to make sure it looks right. It could just be the silver trowing me off but It looks wrong, mainly the small gap bothers me. I also wanted to know if there was anyway to make it more durable how it is now it feels as if I drop it that it will bust in pieces. First off I am not sure how others canisters are. Mine is in 5 pieces, the two end caps the plate that has the bubble, then a front and back that make the cylinder. I have seen TK canisters which look like they have 6 pieces with the 6th piece being a whole pipe in the center and not two haves.


Well thanks in advance



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Looks pretty normal to me, though the ends look a liitle off kilter. Also, did you trim any side of the tube. The side with the back mount looks shorter


I didn't notice the one side was off slightly but Ill fix that. As far as trimming I can't say, I bought the armor off a former member so I'm not sure if he did or not.

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Good job Jesse. There's not too much more you can do with the AM cannister beyond what you have completed. I recently ditched my FX/AM cannister and upgraded to a more screen accurate version. It has a solid PVC pipe center (from England) with just the end caps and control panel glued on. It's much more durable and also has the aluminum belt clips instead of Velcro. That was the main reason for my upgrade...the Velcro TD bugged the crap outta me. :)

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Yeah, velcro is just asking someone to steal your pack. I made clips out of some spare ABS, but I will eventually go to metal clips when I get my cloth belt. It seems like the top plate is still in a little far back, it should overlap the seem a little more. That is why I asked about trimming. That side seems shorter for some reason.

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Alright guys, I been thinking about the whole Clips that secure it to belt. I was wondering how how much space is between the Canister and the Belt? I been thinking about just getting a solid black PVC pipe and bolting it to the belt but I wasn't sure if it needed space or if it could set directly on the belt. Clips are nice but fairly pricey and time is a factor.

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That's a good idea, but I would not do it. The TD really needs to be attached with either good 'ol Velcro or some sort of clip system. I chose the clip method due to what DE mentioned above - I've had mine run off and had to go after it! ;)


The spacing is close to .5" between the belt and cannister. Here's a shot of mine with the clips.




I ditched my FX TD and went with a new TD kit from a member of the FISD. I had tried to build my own but ran into difficulty sourcing the correct size PVC pipe. You could go with a 2" PVC pipe from a hardware store, but the originals (and the FX/AM) are about 2.5" in size. So...your end caps won't fit it and the control panel won't work either. So, I just got a kit w/clips and painted it black. I've seen all sorts of clip methods too, some good, some not so good. :)

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I actually saw one of these at the Relay for Life troop this last weekend. Very nice looking. Don't know if I want to spend the $70 on it though. Noticed that RaiderNick also got one. Well, Option 1 for $45 isn't bad. I wonder how hard it would be to make the clips...

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I actually saw one of these at the Relay for Life troop this last weekend. Very nice looking. Don't know if I want to spend the $70 on it though. Noticed that RaiderNick also got one. Well, Option 1 for $45 isn't bad. I wonder how hard it would be to make the clips...


I have one for my TK outfit and could not resist getting one for my TX (since I troop in him). I got Option 1 and then grabbed the clips from him separately. I think it cost me about $17 for the clips. The clips are practically indestructable and made of aluminum too.

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Clips have to be more than that considering this pricing:



Opt 1: ABS pipe, Control panel, End caps - $45


Opt 2: ABS pipe, Control panel, End caps, 1" Clips, Hardware - $70


Normally yes, but I am a frequent shopper with the seller. ;)

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Alright guys, been talking with Griff via facebook about this also, Came up with an idea. To make it more solid I bought a piece of 2" pvc and cut it at 7" that will fit inside the two halves. Also I figured I would use some Chicago screws (which are not called Chicago screws at lowes lol) to mount it to the belt to prevent sticky fingers from taking it but allows me to still easily remove it if need be. I haven't put it back together yet just wanted to get your take on the mounting. Here are two pictures one which is inside of canister and other will be the inside of belt.



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I use two old cell phone clips to secure my TD.






It holds great and allows for quick removal if I have anything stored in my TD. You'll notice the sticky back on the female side in the pic. That gave away pretty quick and I had to rivet them to my belt. Same with the male side to the TD. Have not had a problem since and I've trooped a few times here and there. :thumbsup:



That was 3 years ago. The mylar tape is now gone. B)

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