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help:how do u curve / mold silver mirrors lens

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Well, how i would usually do this is to boil the lenses, just for a very brief time, and then reshape, hold, and let cool. Since these are mirrored, which i assume is a film on the lense, that might not be the best idea. It could ruin the film causing it to crease. I would say itdepends how much you need to bend them.

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I've seen some manufacture a clip to hold the lense in place, but it is ok to have a gap. If you can have the gap on the bottom of the lens it won't be seen and it will also allow air flow. There are quite a few buckets out there with slight gaps around the lenses though.

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I have the large AFX mirror lens for my bucket. I drilled 2 holes (one on each side of the lens) then glued in a piece of 5mm abs on each side of the helmet. The pieces have a small hole that corresponds with the lens. The lens wraps from side to side across the front and secure with screws. Works like a charm.

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