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ACJay Back in Black... Sort of

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Sorry I haven't been around much folks. In January I had a plan to build a set of white TK and a set of black TX. I had everything budgeted quite nicely and started by purchasing a hyperfirm E-11 for use on both costumes then a Mr. Bungle build thread on thrpf.com caught my eye and I got hooked on a costume I've been dreaming of from the gte go but didn't see anything out there that looked good enough to fulfill my desire for how the costume should look until that WIP thread... So needless to say I sold the E-11 and everything that was budgeted for the two armor sets was set aside for this one costume. I am currently only waiting on some makeup for my hands and adhesive for the mask but I am hopeful that I will be approved before the month is out. Don't worry SpecOps buddies I'll be sure to keep a TX SOS patch in the robe close to my black heart :NovaTrooper::sith::NovaTrooper:



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