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Need help in finding a smaller belt

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I hope I'm coming to the right place with this, but I seriously need help finding a smaller scaled belt for shadow scout set of armor.


Originally I was hoping to use Studio Creations, but it turns out that their armor was going to be way too big for me to even wear. This was due to the fact that the main body was rather wide on me, which ironically fit a friend of mine quite easily (said friend ended up buying it from me too). Next I've went with Korpserkel, where while everything else fits perfectly, the belt turns out to be way too big. As in, the entire plastic part of the belt can wrap around my waist big.


Now while it is fully capable of being worn at cons and whatnot, the fact of the matter is I plan on shooting for 501st standards with this. So I was wondering if any of you knew where I could possibly buy the main part of the belt (the one that goes on the waist) were it would be a smaller scale/trim.


Any help would be considerably appreciated, and I will post pics for reference if it helps.

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