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My black and white build *AM

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Starting my WIP for my wife's TX using AM. I'm also doing a TK for myself, so there will be white in the pics too.


So a couple of questions for you experienced folks.


- Are these boots acceptable? http://www.tackwholesale.com/smoky-mountain-ladies-jodphur-boot-closeup2-3183.html


- On AM, do most people remove all of the return edges for comfort? Are there any returns that I MUST keep on this armor as I start cutting?


Thanks all!




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Those boots are acceptable. They are more suited for women though. I bought a pair when I was starting out. I still have them I think. What size is she?

I believe a size 7 or 8.
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Geez, I had a really hard time getting the ears on the white one to where I wanted them. I ended up ordering another set from ATA. I love the black bucket since the gaps are not so obvious. I know some gap is desirable, but I struggled to get the balance right for me.




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