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Toddo's Novatrooper


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Thanks to some parts from Izzi and Scootch, I've been working on modifying my Shadow Stormtrooper into a Nova. I believe I have completed the build and am awaiting Legion approval. Here are some pics:







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All I can say is "AWESOME"...! :thumbsup:


Thanks Jim.

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Nice job on the paint. :)


Thanks Blackhole. I really struggled with getting that right. I'm happy with it now.

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Is your suit ABS? What paint did you use? How did you mask?


It is a bit of a frankenstein. The core bits are FX. The rest is Cap-W HIPS painted. I had the best luck with Rustoleum automotive enamel and a bunch of clear-coat on top of that. For the gold stuff it is Rustoleum gold metallic, again with clear-coat. For masking I simply used blue painter's tape. The green Frog tape hasn't left the lines clean for me.

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I believe that chest is actually a CAP or CAP-W

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