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Toddo's Nova Elite


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Still waiting on approval for my Novatrooper, but that hasn't stopped me from working on a Nova Elite conversion. Yesterday I got an assembled black bucket from Scootch and immediately got to work painting. I have yet to install the mic tip screens (anyone have any great methods for doing so? I always screw it up). Also, I need to get some more lens material. After that I just need to outfit my padding and fans. Here's the bucket so far:



I also have painted the pauldron:




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Wow Todd...you rock man. :thumbsup:


Yeah, I get out of control.

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I'm now approved to guard Sith burial grounds and attend Steelers' games.



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  • 1 month later...

I have been approved to guard Sith burial grounds with my Nova Elite. I thought I would share some photos with you fellows.










Thanks to Izzi for his help and to Scootch for always being awesome.

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Nice, just makes me more excited about eventually being one. Just one thing, though. Through my frequent perusals of the CRL (must've gone there at least 50 times by now), I thought I read that drop boxes weren't allowed for the Nova Elite.


- Master Tej -

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Tej is totally correct about the drop boxes. I will have to adjust that. I can't believe neither I nor my GML caught that. Thanks.

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