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Well, just spent a good few hours working on a difficult paper project, haha. Wasn't sure where to post it, so I just put it here.


Printed out all the templates and whatnot on 34 sheets of paper (could and should have been less, didn't use the structural support pages.) Took forever and there could still be a few things here and there to correct. Comments and advice/suggestions would be great!









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Well, here's an update of where I'm at right now...needs a good bit of re-shaping. If you have any suggestions about what would make it be more correctly shaped would be much appreciated, haha







the back needs to be fixed too...





I know I need to build up the left side some more, add more to the round part of the jaw on the right and somehow reshade the dome so it doesn't look like it's turned the wrong way...

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Oh, lol, sorry bout that, didn't notice your post till now. Word of caution about doing one if you haven't before, card stock or something think than normal computer paper is definitely preferable. I had to reinforce a lot or it because of the "weak" start, :rolleyes: but good luck with yours! :D

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