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TK 4813's Novatrooper Elite

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Figured I would post up some pics of my nearly completed nova elite. There are some minor strapping issues that I need to work on. Mainly bring the shoulders up.


I have AM armor, a EFX helmet (I already want a smaller ATA or MTK bucket, a hyper firm DLT-19, and a Quartermaster backpack.


Let me know what you think! :)







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Actually, it was all high gloss black from the start. I bought one of the gloss black AM kits a couple months back. The EFX helmet was a Blackhole helmet they offered 2 years back. The gold I used rustoleum metallic gold. I put 2 coats of clear on the gold, but I think I may repaint the gold at some point to make it more glossy.

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Posted Today, 04:59 PM TK 4813

Pauldron I did myself. I was surprised how well that worked. I also dyed the ammo pouches black (along with my leg and basement floor too)


Lol :D did you look tk1336's site for the pauldron or ammo pouches?

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Quartermaster here on these boards sells the backpack, that's who I got mine from at least. Other reputable makers sell them over on MEPD.net


The pauldron came from www.shoulderpauldrons.com (same as www.TKboots.com)

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