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Torn on boot glossyness

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I'm a little conflicted on which style of boot to get my wife. Should I go ultra glossy with the patent leather or semi gloss of the standard jodphur style? What do most of you do?






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I'm glossy. It goes well with the rest of the armor.

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After trooping my white TK Boots and seeing the wear that quickly developed, I opted for the Smoky Mtn Boot in the lower picture.

They are a bit shinier than than the picture does justice. A little polish will shine them up more.

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Get the one that matches the glossiness of the armor. If the armor is high-gloss ABS, then get the patent leather ones. If the armor appears more like a semi-gloss, then I'd suggest the dull leather shoes, and apply some polish to them to bring them up to the level of glossiness of the armor. If you get the regular dull leather shoes, you can always buy some parade shine shoe polish (Kiwi Parade Gloss Black). This can look even better if you know how to use cold water and cotton balls to work the polish on the shoe (but this takes time). There is also Kiwi Honor Guard High Gloss Shoe Polish (a liquid) which looks great once applied (and dried). The drawbackto this polish is that it will crack over time where any flex in the leather is experienced (top side, behind the toe of the shoe).

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