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Armor type?


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Ok, so, I was curious if the type of armor for nova elite could be ROTJ style but with the pentagonal hand plates.


I am planning on getting a TE RoTJ set, but was curious if that would be ok for making a 501st approvable set.




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Shade and I are currently working on a variant stormtrooper that looks like the computer game "Star Wars Galaxies" Nova Elite. Er I mean to say Shade contacted me and we both started looking at this particular trooper and thinking about it. He may be thinking along other lines but now I too am intrigued............ :ShadowStorm::NovaTrooper:

From the images the trooper seems to have ROTJ armour with the following exceptions being noted...... Hex handplates, button strip on ab is ANH ESB style (180 degree flip of ROTJ).

Looking at the armour itself the butt and kidney plates seem to be one piece. the breast bone and arm armour looks ROTJ as well as the thighs and shins. The helmet is defo a ESB II or ROTJ looking piece, seems a bit narrow for ANH Hero.

I think it would be punk rock to bring this guy to life and we have a kit available to begin, just looking for opinions, input, help. Thanks. :salute:

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Exactly! Thanks for clarifying that Scootch. From what I can tell, it is pretty much a crossover between the sets. I think the RoTJ armor and helmet with the 180 flip AB buttons and ANH style hand plates seem to be pretty close. I do think most people do ANH for the entire set. Would be pretty cool to have it as a crossover.

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Well it would be a first of its kind which is a strong move toward getting something official. This also would be one of the sets we would consider creating a Specialist A and Specialist B program for with B being more art accurate. Essentially what I am saying is that you are not really going after Nova Elite, but a new Nova specialist based on the Art. That being said, let's post up all the source images and start to examine them.

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Well, if we're on the topic of art accuracy from the reference, would a more orange-yellow metallic gold paint be better for the gold stripes and whatnot? Here's the color I'm thinking of: renaissance gold liquid



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