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faux leather pouches?

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The CRL states "Made out of black heavy cotton fabric and closes in back." I use cotton cloth pouches too but that's for my Scout TB. You might check with Chef and see if that is even acceptable, I'm just not sure.

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The CRL has been taken mostly from the Scout one (in fact its verbatim, just changing the word white for black), but used the visual references from the comics/toys to make any amendments.


The CRL does state Cotton, and I'd have to say that you are a little bit bound by the wording of that to be honest.


But that said, there is nothing in the visual references to sway the argument one way or the other. They just don't carry that amount of detail.


It would be a debate you'd need to take up with your GML, but for sake of conformity with the rest of the world I'd stick to Cotton.



I can see your point, I like the contrast that the Faux Leather gives against the cotton bund, which does help to break up what can otherwise be a really bland costume.


With mine, I used a really heavy weave Duck cotton, that had a considerable textural difference to the quite close weave of the cotton bund.

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Great responses guys. I've altered my order to cotton. Thanks for the input.

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