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Found my armor now I need some other items

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Thank you all for your recommendations. I am going with Tupperware TK he already has a complete BlackHole/Shadow Trooper suit ready for me. But I want to customize it, I am / never have been a follower. I want to make my BlackHole/Shadow Trooper a wee bit different, so I am looking for the following:


Stromtrooper Commander Pauldron. Stormtrooper Commander Cape, Stormtrooper Commander Pistol Holders.


A Good place to get Boots (that actually will look like a BlackHole/Shadow troopers boots)


Basically I want my BlackHole/Shadow Trooper to be a BlackHole/Shadow Trooper Special Ops Commander Like this Commander


But of course in all black, with maybe a hint of red or crimson or a nice midnight blue on the Pauldron.


If anyone can point me to a website or email address of the right people I will forever serve you my master.


Thank you

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That's a Clonetrooper Commander, not the Stormtrooper Commander. Your Garrison may let you troop with the extras, but the Legion will require you to have all your weapons and accessories from the right era. Maybe something more like this:





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My advise will be to go for a pauldron acccording to the costume, but hey, it is your choice.

Anyway, if you want your costume approved you'll need to take off all the extras for the Legion pictures you're going to submit to the LMO.

The bast place to find info about the accesories you want is http://clonetroopers.net/

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