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Some Swampy questions

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Hello all -


My husband is considering starting on a Swampy very soon (green is his favorite color!), and at some later date I will probably do a Shadow Scout. So, a few questions:



- Does anyone have a recommendation for the brand/precise color of green paint? I see the photo refs and approval pics (and cool dancing Swampy pics) and can probably color match, but if anyone has a specific brand/dye lot in mind that would be very helpful. Also, anything to avoid? Here were a couple possibilities I found: would either of these work? The first is Rustoleum hunter green in a can (would need to rig up a sprayer). The second is Rustoleum Emerald Gloss Green in a spray can; http://www.rustoleum...uct.asp?pid=150; http://paint-and-sup...int-679387.aspx;


- I know there have been some major changes to the white Scout on BSN in the last few weeks - I guess what was formerly Lancer is now the base standard? Do those changes affect the Swamptrooper at all? Specifically, are the suede riding patches required on the coveralls now for Swampy? Or is it just plain pocketless coveralls with a mandarin style collar? Are vests still optional?



Edit: The photo of the flightsuit that accompanies the swamptrooper CRL does not show any modifications to the collar, but does state that the flightsuit must have "appropriate modifications." So is the collar modification required? I can't tell from Dart's photos due to the neckseal.


- For boots, I see the green boots need to have black soles. But is any specific style of sole required, i.e. do they need to look like the workboot soles for the regular Scout (except black)? Or will any shoe or boot with a black sole serve as an appropriate base to construct the boot?


Thanks much,


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I believe Dart used a satin Emerald green for his swampy paint... Right now, what it says in the CRL are what you go by. We may be changing some minor things, but I don't expect any drastic changes like BSN made to the CRL. The video game shots don't show any particular sole type for the boot. so just choose a good looking black soled boot to work with and you'll be good!



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I don't see why they wouldn't be suitable.... You may find that (as with all boiler type suits) you have to take it in to remove the bagginess. Because it's an overall, they do tend to carry a bit too much around the thighs and arms.


if it were me.... and it has been on the Storm Commando front...


I'd add the extra bits in anyway. I know they are not part of the CRL, but if you're going to all that trouble, then you might as well add in the extra detail for the little extra work it entails at the time.


Trust me, it's a dog of a job to add the detail in after you've made it all. But it's actually reasonably simple and a lot less hassle to do it as you build it. And the final costume is so much better for it.

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Thank you - I appreciate the advice and can definitely understand that it's easier to add details as you build than to retrofit later... But I guess the next question is, are these details (specifically the butt flap, riding patches, etc) actually part of the Swamptrooper costume per the video game references? It's hard to tell from the screenshots posted on this forum. If the actual Swampy doesn't have riding patches then I probably wouldn't add them in, correct? Or do you think at some point these might be assumed to exist despite the lack of clear screen shots?

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Due to it being a computer generated image, I don't think it holds the details.


If you look at the screen images and reference material, you can see the thigh straps, or something akin to it.

The don't appear to have the patch and butt flap.



But to generate consistency with the other costumes, I think you could argue that they probably might have had them.

Will they be assumed to exist...


Pass.... who knows.


All I can say is that they have been added in as part of the Specialist Programme for Storm Commandos. So it's quite possible as the precedent has already been set.


And you have the added issue of, what if someone does some more artwork/reference material and they are added in there. Then they do become required, and you then have to add them in anyway.

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All you need for basic approval is what the current CRL states. Even if we make changes to the basic approval standards after you're approved ...you're still fine. Unless you want to make the changes on your own. Now the Specialist program will evolve and to keep your title you will need to evolve with it.


If you get a swampy approved under current CRL's...you will be fine...no changes will ever need to be made unless you go for specialist....which we don't have set up yet for this costume... ;)

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And you have the added issue of, what if someone does some more artwork/reference material and they are added in there. Then they do become required, and you then have to add them in anyway.

Just because someone does an art piece with them, doesn't mean they will automatically become required... Of course if someone does an art piece that supports what the game shows more than regular scouts, the option to match the white armor could also be removed entirely. The CRL is what it is, because that's what we can see. We can assume higher levels of detail for the specialist program based on similar units, but the base standards should always stay with what can be seen unless it's something that doesn't quite make sense to be missing (i.e. All troopers in SWG were missing holsters, so we made the Scout boot holster required even though it's not shown. Come on, you have to hold a blaster somewhere!)



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Thanks much for the feedback. Understood that once you're approved, you're approved, unless you want to go for 2nd level status.... But I guess my main concern is that, given the suddenness with which other CRLs have been changing lately (BSN making Lancer required, Snowtrooper which recently decided a certain maker's kit was non-approvable, meaning those folks who'd been working on that kit for the prior 8-12 months were now SOL), what if you start a build based on one set of CRL's, but when you finish and submit 3 months later, the CRLs have changed? As this has happened to us in the past, I'm just trying to anticipate potential trouble areas in that regard before jumping in, particularly given that this CRL is a work in progress...







Also, another question regarding helmet markings. Are the required markings on the Swamptrooper helmet identical to the current BSN marking requirements? Or are there differences?







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Until the next DL takes over, things will be a gradual change, and I can pretty much guarantee that nothing drastic will be changing on the base requirements. Base requirements in my eyes are just that: BASE requirements. Most of the minute detailing and bells and whistles will be reserved for the Specialist program. I'm not fond of the "Lancer" now required stance that BSN has made, if the armor is of good quality, fits well and is recognizable as the character to the average person then that is what I feel base requirements should be, and from previous discussions the detachment has had; I know most of the members in our detachment feel the same way.


As far as the markings, Black fishhook, black lines above the visor and a dark green/black stripe pattern over the snout.



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Thank you, Izzi - much appreciated as to the info and the perspective. I personally had been collecting pieces for a standard Scout over the last few months, and while I'd thought I would try for Lancer eventually, the sudden change didn't sit well with me.... so here I am at Special Ops :) I gave Alex my KS bucket kit to try to make a Swampy from (although the plastic is crazy-thin, so we'll see what happens - he may go Magma Trooper or something else instead), and at some point this fall/winter I am contemplating either a Shadow Scout or maybe even a Magma Trooper. A Swampy and a Magma Trooper - now wouldn't that make an awesome Christmas Card! :)

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Wow Izzi, great piece of art! :)


Yes, Darth, I think we're good now- thanks much for the reply!


Next question - my KS bucket kit I gave to my husband to try the Swampy may not work out. After much research and long hours of work by my husband, it may not be salvageable. And given that he's a guy, with a guy-sized head, SC won't work, and paying KS more money to build one could mean 2+ months of waiting and hit-or-miss in terms of quality. MLC is pricey and tends to run small-ish too. So.... found this on eBay.





It was a white helmet that was assembled (sans lens) and painted black. Seller claims it's resin (!) but when we asked who made it, they said they didn't know; they got it from a 501st member. Anyone have thoughts as to who the maker might be on this one and/or whether it's up to standards?


Thanks again!


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I thought the swamp trooper was more of a green/brown/tan cad-pat camo colour, why is it just a flat green with minimal white showing through in everything I see here?

(Im new to the site and looking to start a suit, always wanted to do a Scout Trooper but I want to do a variant of one after I seen a green/brown/tan cad-pat camo scout trooper and it blew my mind)

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Yeah, the swampy is just plain green.


The Kashyyk trooper you speak of is a Prequel Clone (from one of the 'other' films). The armour, whilst similar is entirely different to that of a Scout.

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