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Toddo's Shadow Scout


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Hey everyone, I have this awesome MonCal shadow scout bucket, and before I get too far into this build, I want to ask about the coloring. The CRL states that the helmet detailing can be dark gray or black. What I want to know is if the details on this helmet are acceptable. I really like the contrast, so I hope so. Otherwise, let me know. Thanks.






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I had been refraining from posting Jim....


I just seem to upset people of late with regards to my interpretation of the CRL's so I was keeping my gob shut.


But you asked.


The Party Line.

It's fine. You can't go wrong with an MLC lid, everything is where is should be, and it conforms to the CRL's.


My views.

I think the grey is too light. In the words of the book, there are 50 shades of grey ( if you haven't had this phenomena yet over your side of the pond, don't worry, it's like some sort of soft porn for women. Actually it's crap, and I wouldn't bother), and I don't think the CRL should be that broad based.


The reference pics do show a contrast on the snout, but it's more of a gun metal, dark grey than the light grey that you have currently. Plus the snout is all one colour, with the faucet part (see, I can even do Americanisms too, we call it a tap over here!) being a different colour to the rest of the snout, I think you are detracting from the reference pics, and there are no real markings visible on the lid in the reference material, but I think adding them in is good.



What I would do.... And please remember this is just me being the extreme anal retentive I have become, so there is no need to take any notice of what I say, as the lid will be perfectly fine with the CRL's as it is.


I would change the snout, bolts etc to a darker shade of grey, possibly even gun metal or true gloss black to bring it closer to the reference material and still have the contrast I like on what would otherwise be a very bland looking helmet indeed.

I'd swap out the decals for a set from Mike at TrooperBay. His two tone satin/gloss ones are good value at $10 or so and the quality of them is just astronomical.



Please don't feel offended or indeed compelled to take on board any of my words at all... It's just me being an abrasive Limey., and it's nearly midnight here, so I'm probably being a bit cranky.






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Thanks for your feedback. I think the CRL is a little vague, and I dislike feeling like I'm ready for approval only to find out that an overhaul is required. That's why I asked ahead of time. All of the things you suggest are easily done. I am in no way offended and do appreciate your input. Thanks.

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Thanks Chef Rob. That's why I asked, because you always say what is on your mind. Most of us guys over here really appreciate that very much and I knew Todd would too. You know I'm a TB too and have learned a bunch from you over the last year. When I do my Shadow Scout I know I'll follow Todd and his progress. So, thanks as always and in advance mate. :)

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I painted the accents flat black today. As always, I got some solid feedback here that helped me in my decision-making.

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  • 1 month later...

"don't kick the tiny scout...."




Just a few observations.


Painting the accents flat black works a treat. good job.


Pouches are on the wrong sides. The diagonals need to be on the outsides. For me, the pouches are a little big for your frame. I assume you've used the 7"x 7"x 2" template.

I scaled mine down a little to 7x6x1.5 to suit me. I still think mine are a little big, but it will be an update I'll do in time. I don't think it should affect your clearance at all.


I'd paint all your rivets black.


I'd paint the Thermal Det tube black too.


I'd paint the red and white highlights on the tank topper black.


and for a sense of completeness and seeing as it's cheap. I'd get a Det Greeblie from Don Jarr on eBay and update it to the new version.



Beyond that... looking real neat there. I like that you've put in the belt clips behind the Thermal Det, got the two straps on the Knees and cut the boot soles.

Jolly good show.

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ack! I did get the pouches on the wrong sides! easy fix as they velcro to the chest plate. Thanks for your detailed feedback Chef. All do-able adjustments. I'll look into the Don Jarr greeblie as well.

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Wow, AWESOME WORK TODDO! Very nice looking scout indeed. Chef has covered the details I noticed (TD, etc). Only other item would be to maybe close the gap between the chest/back a wee bit more. But that's just a taste thing. ;)


Top notch sir! So...this is #9, right?! B)

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Thanks Jim. I took your advice on the boots. Thanks for encouraging me.

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Chef, besides coloring the belt rivet black (which I forgot to do when I hit the rest of the rivets) is there something I'm missing? I went back through Pathfinders and the CRLs. I want to be sure it's right.

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Nah... it's all good bro. One of the best looking Storm Commando's I've seen in a long while.


Is the chest indent still grey or is it the same black as the helmet detailing? I can't quite tell. Probably the lighting.


I'm only nit-picking. But like you say, if it's going to be right, you might as well do it right!

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Chef, I'll darken the chest detail and the belt rivet. Thanks for the compliment bro.

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